HMS Syncopation

HMS Syncopation

HMS Syncopation was premiered at the Manchester Jazz Festival in 2017 featuring Professor Jigget from Yan Tan Tethera and the ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ jazz trio (Simone Manunza – guitar, Paul Harding – bass and Neil McMinn – drums)

“HSQ are fast becoming the go-to group for developing innovative, fun and genuinely participatory new work for young people that doesn’t shy away from improvisatory content, and their captivating new work ‘HMS Syncopation’ is no exception. HSQ expertly involve the audience from the outset, with physical movement, interactive narratives and a musical, visual and performance style that both ‘talks up’ to children and satisfies the ears of discerning accompanying adults.”
Steve Mead, Artistic Director, manchester jazz festival

HMS Syncopation is an interactive concert experience for children and the young at heart. Building on the success of ‘How Monkey Found his swing’ audiences are encouraged to respond creatively through song, dance and Dalcroze techniques. As HMS Syncopation travels around the world it encounters different styles of jazz music (Tango, Calypso, Funk, Latin) and collects pieces of fruit thus creating a vibrant fruit salad Samba of world rhythms. Each piece of fruit helps the children make an aural connection between each rhythm and the fruit. Materials and hand held percussion provided help children explore and engage with the music.

Key Concepts
• Interactive concert experience lead by experienced storyteller
• Audience encouraged to respond using Dalcroze Eurythmics (expression through whole body movement)
• Bespoke warm up session develops ear-mind-body connection to enhance understanding and enjoyment
• Characters in story designed to introduce styles of jazz (from Swing to New Orleans)
• Introduces musical terms including pitch, improvisation, call and response, bass line
• Links to National Curriculum – Children develop understanding of the “interrelated dimensions” of music
• Links to National Curriculum – Children appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live music drawn down from different traditions

Performance time lasts for one hour (30 minutes warm up / 30 minutes performance)
Artists will require 30 minutes set up time.

Price – £910 + travel expenses